Shipping and returns

Every visitor to our shop has the chance to use a Visitor’s basket. This allows you to place items in a so-called “temporary basket”. The contents of the basket will be emptied as soon as a new customer or a customer who is not logged-in leaves the shop.

Every logged-in customer can use a so-called Customer’s basket. This basket allows a logged-in customer to leave goods in his/her basket even after leaving the shop and complete his/her order at any time later.

Logged-in customers can make use of the various services we have on offer. These include:

  • Pre-completed form – You only complete a form once, during registration. Your details will then be added automatically to any further orders you make.
  • Customer’s basket – All goods added to the basket are stored here unless you actually remove them from the basket or until you make your purchase. 
    If, however, a customer who is not logged-in adds items to a Visitor’s basket and then logs in the to online shop, the content of his/her Visitor's basket will automatically be transferred to his/her Customer's basket.
  • Address book – We are able to deliver goods to addresses other than the one you state during registration!
  • Order history – Displays all orders you have placed in our shop.

· Product evaluation – Share your experiences with the goods we offer with other visitors.